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Doing APCON right- 7 Things to Note

APCON’s powers are quite broad and sweeping. It is empowered by law (The Advertising Practitioners Registration Act No. 55 of 1988, as amended by Act No. 93 of 1992 and Act No. 116 of 1993 – now Advertising Practitioners Registration Act Cap A7 of 2004) to regulate advertising practice in Nigeria. In undertaking its vision of promoting responsible and ethical advertising, it is vested with the powers to regulate and control the practice of advertising in Nigeria, in all its aspects and ramifications. In this regard and although it hasn’t figured out a framework to do it, APCON maintains online advertising is within its purview. The categories (of products and services) described as requiring pre-exposure vetting/approval are just as broad and open-ended. Covering food, consumables, telecommunications, household products, real estate, religious programs, political advertising, in short, practically every type of paid-for messaging. So maybe it is better to highlight the things that are exempted – job vacancies, public notices, financial statements, goodwill messages, obituaries and immemorial are the only mass-communications explicitly exempted. Specific requirements for vetting include a formal letter of application for vetting (addressed to the Registrar/CEO, APCON), filled ASP form 001 duly signed by a registered advertising practitioner, the product’s NAFDAC/ SON Certificate or payment advice (for all food and drug-related products),  advertiser’s letter of authorization authorizing the filing of the application, the material to be advertised – concept version for television, radio, press, outdoor, online, bus branding, etc. Three vetting windows are available. The standard 2-week window costs twenty-five thousand Naira (25,000.00) per concept and two accelerated window options – the 8-hour and 16-hour windows which cost two hundred and eighty thousand Naira (280,000.00) and one hundred and fifty thousand Naira only (150,000.00) respectively. Talking about concepts, artworks are billed separately for different media, so for the same campaign, the out-of-home advertising and radio execution will be paid for and vetted separately.  Breaches are severely and immediately punished. When it establishes breeches to its extant regulations (through its zonally dispersed monitoring units), APCON basically sanctions all concerned parties (advertiser, advertising agency/supplier, advertising practitioner -five hundred thousand Naira each -500,000.00). Notice of the main breach though is directed, in writing, to the advertiser, so, ultimately, the responsibility of ensuring pre-exposure vetting and compliance with the law is that of the advertiser.  Substantiation is the central theme of the vetting process. Through its Advertising Standard Panel (ASP), concepts are checked for descriptions, claims, or illustrations made in the advertisement. Such proof or substantiation is required to be made available. Evidence is further required in respect of superlative or comparative claims made in advertisements. Testimonials or endorsements made in any advertisement are subject to proof. Specifically, claims of being No.1 in any product category are considered deceptive and are expected to be avoided. Advertisements are not expected to contain any description, claims or illustration, which directly or by implication convey an erroneous or misleading impression about the product or service advertised or about its suitability for the purpose recommended. The Advertising Standard Panel (ASP) is APCON’s highest statutory committee established by law. The Panel is composed of 22 members drawn from diverse interests in the advertising industry and saddled with vetting and approval of advertising materials before exposure in the media by making sure advertising conforms with the prevailing laws of the Federation as well as the codes of ethics of the advertising profession.

LASACO Assurance launch “40 Years of Unflinching Assurance’’ campaign on Digital OOH

As part of events to commemorate their 40th anniversary of offering cut edge insurance services, LASACO Assurance launched a 2 week digital OOH campaign. With the theme – ‘’40 Years of Unflinching Assurance’,’ the campaign ran over the holiday period on our inside LTV8, Ikeja digital billboard. LASACO Assurance services cover general insurance, oil & gas insurance, life & investment, heavy engineering, construction, banking & finance, manufacturing, agriculture and tourism,  Allianz media’s pan-Nigeria inventory has helped some of the best known brands achieve their business communication objectives ‘’out-of-home’’. We currently serve 65% of the top 20 advertisers. #lasacoassurance#40years#40yearsofunflinchingassurance#insurancecompany#insurancegiant#lagosstate#allianzmedialimited#naturallyyourmediapartner

Crusader Sterling Pensions refreshes ‘‘Retire to a Life of Value’’ campaign on Abuja mega boards

Crusader Sterling Pensions, a member of Custodian and Allied Insurance Group have refreshed their ‘’Retire to a Life of Value’’ campaign’’ on mega-boards across major cities. Named the best performing pension company of the Year 2014 at the 3rd African development magazine awards of excellence, Crusader Sterling Pensions offers superior returns guaranteeing the opportunity to ’’retire to a life of value.’’ For enquiries, please visit or call on 01 271 4605 and follow @cspensions on IG. Allianz Media’s Pan-Nigeria inventory has helped some of the best known brands achieve their business communication objectives “out-of-home.” We currently serve 65% of the top 20 advertisers in Nigeria. #retiretoalifeofvalue#livealifeofvalue#crusadersterlingpensions#cspensions #abujamegaboard#citygate#pensionforretirees#retirees#pension#abuja #integrity #allianzmedialimited #naturallyyourmediapartner #outofhomemedia

Our newest hoarding – the Lagos airport mega-board!

The Location Our new megaboard is located within the perimeter of the air force base by Beesam bus stop. It is facing traffic to the international airport. and addresses traffic coming from Ikeja GRA, Mobolaji Bank Anthony, Obafemi Awolowo way, MMA2, MMA1 as well as traffic heading towards the International Airport, Ajao Estate, Isolo, Mile 2 and environs. Board type Static megaboard Shape Double arc, rectangular shaped-board. Dimension 7.5 meters – height and 24 meters width (180 square meters, placed at an angle of 35°) Traffic orientation Landscape, head-on Illumination Front lit The demography reached: Gender/Age – Male/female, 30 – 65 Social Economy: The billboard addresses all classes of people, but due to its premium location, it will help reach SEC C,B and A. Suitable for: Telecommunication brands, Airlines, Fintech, Technology companies, Real Estates and financial Institutions.

Brains & Hammers launch Victoria Land campaign on mega out-of-home sites

Real estate giants – Brains & Hammer have launched a new OOH campaign in support of their latest offering – The Victoria Land at Brains & Hammer City, Abuja. Starting from 2.5M Naira initial deposit, prospective landlords can own a piece of the prime estate at the heart of the FCT. Brains and hammer services and expertise covers residential real estate, commercial real estate, facility management and infrastructure. For enquiries, please visit or call 07000000051. Allianz media’s pan Nigeria inventory has helped some of the best-known brands achieve their business communication objectives ‘’out-of-home’’. We currently serve 65% of the top 20 advertisers in Nigeria. #From2.5Mdeposit #Brainsandhammersng #Brainsandhammers #WeareonamissiontobuildforAfrica #realestate #homes #Abuja #integrity #allianzmedialimited #naturallyyourmediapartner #oohcompany #outofhome #outdoor

A – Z of out-of-home advertising in Nigeria

(a). What are the types of out-of-home advertising available in Nigeria? All four-broad categories (billboard, transit, street furniture and place based) of out-of-home advertising are available to varying degrees in Nigeria. The conventional and most popular are billboards. Broadly speaking, billboards can be divided into static and digital billboards. Static billboards were originally named in relation to their sizes, 48 sheet board – 3-meter-high by 6-meter-wide board are so named to reflect the equivalent number of A4 sheet of paper. Nowadays, the naming convention is less clear cut. The most ubiquitous billboard format, the unipole references its single pole or stanchion. Other common static billboard formats are rooftops (billboards literally atop roofs of buildings), wall drapes, wall parapets, eye catcher boards (the opposite side of road directional), bridge panels, backlit boards, lamp poles and cross-road gantries. Digital billboards on the other hand are electronic billboards capable of multiple campaigns exposures. Digital boards are all the rage with most service provider converting their static hoardings to LED billboards (b). What about the other out-of-home advertising categories is worth noting? Away from billboards, transit out-of-home (bus, taxi, keke, mobile trucks, waterways, airport, rail) is available and growing. Branded buses and taxis are of course very popular especially across the big cities. Airport branding is a longtime favorite of premium brands. Waterways and rail advertising are emerging opportunities on the back of upgrades in infrastructure. Availability of street furniture (bus shelters, kiosks) is currently limited to a few cities but continuing improvement in road infrastructure should expand options. Place based out-of-home (shopping mall, cinema, stadium, resort etc.) is similarly on the rise. Mall based out-of-home  media, on the back of Nigeria’s changing shopping culture landscape, is particularly significant, there are over 200 malls in Nigeria with multiple new initiatives under development.  The assorted spaces and places in and around these malls provide unique advertising opportunities for would be advertisers. A major player in the mall advertising and alternative advertising segment is Stradamedia. (c). How much do the various static billboards cost? Rental is determined by a number of factors including city/location of billboard (which affect the quality of the audience who are likely to see), the size of billboard and duration of the rental period among others. The cheapest billboards are undoubtedly the small formal (super) 48 sheet boards (increasingly phased-out in Lagos) while gantries and wall drapes are at the other end of the price spectrum. Unipole boards, which are the standard static billboard format, can cost between 8 -15 million Naira per annum depending on the factors listed above. (d). Is payment for billboards a one-off thing? Billboards, unlike signs, are rented by period and so, command repeat payment based on contractual agreements. Billboards, by law, ‘’are signage structure designed and intended to provide a leasing advertising copy area where the copy can be periodically replaced, typically by the use of pre-printed copy pasted or otherwise mounted onto the copy area’’, basically, LASAA – the industry regulator in Lagos state defines billboard as any 3rd party out-of-home advertising structure made available for lease. Signs on the other hand are 1st party signages intended for 1st party use. (e). Does the rental price of billboards include cost of creative materials? Creative materials are created by creative agencies, lots of creativity in there! The point to keep in mind is that except a potential customer of (out-of-home) advertising service have in-house creative people, finding and signing up with a creative shop will typically precede channel (out-of-home/radio/TV/digital) selection. So, specifically, cost of creative is not covered in billboard rental pricing. By the way, a creative shop whose work we love and will happily recommend is Noah’s Ark, we think they rock! (f). Does the price of renting the billboard include cost of flex material? Typically, no. Although most out-of-home advertising company can help with material production leveraging their network of large format material printers, the quote provided for billboard rental usually does not cover material production cost. (g). What is the minimum rental period available? Most static billboards have minimum rental period of one month. Digital billboards on the other hand, are inherently more flexible. In fact, most service providers have flexible period offers for their digital inventory. At Allianz Media, our flexible period offer includes hourly, daily and weekly options. (h) Are there regulatory requirements for out-of-home advertising? Yes, there are a few! APCON, the Nigerian advertising industry watchdog is empowered by law – act number 55 of 1998 ‘’to carry out pre-exposure clearance of all advertisements, with focus on ensuring ads have no misleading statements, spurious testimonials, visual and verbal exaggerations, misleading offers, suggestion or pictures offensive to public decency, etc. In addition, certain ads require clearance by the government agency regulating it’’. (i) Outside of APCON, any other regulator to factor in when planning (out-of-home) advertising campaigns? The most important industry regulator, outside of APCON, is NAFDAC, advertising (across all media) for food and medicine products require clearance by NAFDAC in relations to claims made. Similarly, major sectoral regulators often have sectoral regulations, for example, PenCom regulates advertising relating to the pension business. If you require help navigating the potential regulatory minefield for your out-of-home advertising campaigns, contact us here to get advisory and consultation at no cost. (j) Who bears the cost in case of damage to flex material or billboard leading to loss of exposure? Damage to billboard structure is the exclusive responsibility of the billboard owner. Same as security of the billboard and the flex material(banner). However, damage to flex material due to force majeure aka act of God is not covered contractually. (k) How long can a flex material be used for? When produced with the right grammage, flex materials can be used for up to a year, acts of God, allowing. The downside to using the same flex for that long though is that the material concept may become stale, meaning that audiences know what to expect and are thus no longer captivated to view.

Allianz Insurance launches #FreeCarCheck Campaign on digital billboards

Insurance giant Allianz Insurance has launched a free car check campaign in Lagos on a number of digital billboards including Allianz Media’s iconic ‘Inside LTV 8, opposite Ikeja City Mall digital board. The campaign will give 2000 car owners in Lagos the opportunity to earn a comprehensive motor diagnostic check at a standard garage. To sign up, SMS MOTOR, YOUR NAME, LICENCE PLATE and EMAIL ADDRESS to short code 7447. Allianz media’s Pan Nigeria inventory of static and digital billboards has helped some of the best known brands achieve their business communication objectives at ‘’of home’’. We currently serve 65% of the top 20 advertisers in Nigeria. #freecarcheck #AllianzCARdiology #carinsurance #allianzinsurance #yourtrustedinsurancepartner @allianz­_insurance_ng @allianznigeria

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