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Out-Of-Home Advertising

For optimal results in your Out-Of-Home advertising investment, reach out to Allianz Media. We specialize in Out-Of-Home advertising, ensuring maximum return on ad spend (ROAS) for your brand or business. Contact us today to discover how we can elevate your Out-Of-Home advertising strategy.

Why Out-Of-Home Advert?

Out-of-home advertising, or Out-Of-Home advertising, is a powerful way to engage audiences in the physical world, complementing digital and traditional media channels. It offers unparalleled reach, capturing the attention of pedestrians, motorists, and commuters in high-traffic areas. With visually striking displays like billboards and street signs, it creates lasting brand visibility and impact.

By strategically placing ads in specific locations, brands can tailor messages to the right audience at the right time, ensuring contextual relevance. The non-intrusive nature of Out-Of-Home advertising seamlessly integrates into the urban environment, generating brand recognition and recall.

With versatile formats and creative possibilities, from digital displays to innovative installations, Allianz media Out-Of-Home advertising captivates audiences with unique content. It’s the ideal choice for brands aiming to make a strong impact and connect with audiences beyond their homes.

Different Out-Of-Home Out-Of-Home

Advert Formats We Offer

Conventional 48-sheet, 96-sheet

A 48-sheet billboard refers to a large format billboard that measures approximately 20 feet wide and 10 feet high. It is called “48-sheet” because in the past, it was made up of 48 individual paper sheets that were pasted together to form the complete advertisement. However, modern 48-sheet billboards are typically made of vinyl or other durable materials.

A 96-sheet billboard, as the name suggests, is even larger, measuring approximately 40 feet wide and 10 feet high. It is essentially double the size of a 48-sheet billboard.

Both of these conventional billboard sizes offer significant visibility and are commonly found along highways, major roads, and high-traffic areas. They provide ample space for you to display your messages and capture the attention of a wide audience.

A unipole billboard is a large, single-sided display that is typically supported by a single vertical pole or column. It stands tall and prominently, often reaching heights of 40 feet or more. Unipole billboards are known for their visibility from afar and their ability to stand out in busy cityscapes.

On the other hand, multi-leg spectacular billboards are larger and more complex structures that consist of multiple panels and legs. These billboards often feature intricate designs, three-dimensional elements, and dynamic lighting effects to create a visually stunning advertisement. Multi-leg spectacular billboards are strategically placed in highly trafficked areas to maximize their impact and capture the attention of pedestrians and drivers alike.

Unipole/Multi-leg Spectacular Billboards

Scroller Billboards

A scroller billboard, also known as a scrolling billboard or rolling billboard, is a type of outdoor advertising display that incorporates a scrolling mechanism to showcase multiple advertisements or messages in succession. It typically consists of a large rectangular panel divided into multiple sections, each containing a different advertisement.

The scrolling mechanism allows the advertisements to move horizontally or vertically, creating a dynamic display that captures attention and maximizes exposure. The movement can be either manual or motorized, with the ads continuously rotating or changing at set intervals.

By leveraging the scrolling feature, advertisers can engage viewers with visually appealing and changing content, enhancing the impact and recall of their campaigns. Scroller billboards offer a unique and interactive way to deliver messages to a wide audience in outdoor advertising.

LED boards are vibrant and dynamic advertising displays that utilize LED technology. With high-resolution visuals and the ability to showcase images, videos, and text, they attract attention in various indoor and outdoor settings. LED boards offer flexibility in content management and are widely used in advertising, sports stadiums, retail stores, and more. They provide a modern and impactful way to convey brand messages and captivate audiences.

The advantages of LED boards include their ability to display high-resolution images, videos, animations, and text. They offer flexibility in content management, allowing advertisers to easily update and schedule different messages or advertisements. LED boards can be controlled remotely, enabling real-time content changes and customization.

LED Boards

Bridge Panels

Bridge panels are advertising displays that are typically positioned on bridges or overpasses, hence the name. These panels are designed to maximize visibility and capture the attention of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic passing underneath.

Bridge panels are typically large and wide, offering ample space for advertisers to display their messages. They are strategically placed in locations with high traffic volume, making them effective for reaching a wide audience.

These panels can be static or digital, depending on the specific installation. Static bridge panels consist of printed advertisements or graphics that remain fixed in place. On the other hand, digital bridge panels utilize LED or other display technologies to showcase dynamic and interactive content.

Rooftop billboards, as the name suggests, are advertising displays that are placed on the rooftops of buildings. They are designed to be visible from a distance and catch the attention of people in the surrounding areas.

Rooftop billboards offer a unique vantage point and can reach a wide audience, especially in urban environments where tall buildings are prevalent. They are typically large in size and strategically positioned to maximize visibility, often in areas with high foot or vehicular traffic.

By utilizing rooftop billboards, advertisers can leverage the unique visibility and prominence of rooftops to deliver their messages to a wide audience and enhance brand awareness. These billboards contribute to the dynamic and vibrant advertising landscape of urban environments.

Rooftop Billboards

Wall Drapes

Wall drapes billboards, also known as wallscapes or building wraps, are large-scale advertising displays that cover the exterior walls of buildings. They transform the building surface into a visually striking canvas for brand messaging and promotions.

These billboards are custom-designed to fit the specific dimensions and contours of the building, creating a seamless and eye-catching advertisement. They can feature high-resolution graphics, vibrant colors, and attention-grabbing designs that maximize brand visibility.

Wall drapes billboards are often used for long-term advertising campaigns, special events, or as temporary installations. They provide a larger-than-life presence that can dominate the urban landscape and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Street sign ads, also known as street pole ads or pole banners, are advertising displays that are affixed to street signs or poles along sidewalks or roadways. They serve as a form of outdoor advertising, targeting pedestrians and motorists in urban or high-traffic areas.

Street sign ads typically consist of a banner or poster that is securely attached to a vertical pole or street sign. They are designed to be easily visible from a distance, featuring eye-catching graphics, branding, and promotional messages.

These ads are strategically placed in areas where there is significant foot traffic or vehicular movement, such as downtown districts, shopping centers, or event venues. They can be used for various purposes, including promoting local businesses, publicizing events, or conveying important information to the community.

Street Signs

Lamp Posts

Lamp post ads, also known as lamppost banners or light pole ads, are advertising displays that are attached to lamp posts along sidewalks or roadways. They offer a unique advertising opportunity by utilizing existing infrastructure to reach pedestrians and motorists in urban or high-traffic areas.

Lamp post ads typically consist of banners or posters that are affixed to the sides or across the top of lamp posts. These ads are strategically placed at regular intervals, creating a consistent and visually appealing display along a street or sidewalk.

Lamp post ads offer several advantages as an advertising medium. They are cost-effective compared to larger-scale billboards, making them accessible to businesses and organizations with limited budgets.

Other Out-of-Home advertising we offer include:

Other Out-of-Home advertising we offer include:

Partnering with Allianz Media, an Out-Of-Home advertising specialist, simplifies the process of running a successful out-of-home campaign. Leave the complexities of creative assets, media buying, and messaging to us, while you focus on handling the surge of new customers.

To explore the possibilities of Out-Of-Home advertising and discover how Allianz Media can benefit your business or brand, reach out to us via email or phone. Our dedicated team is ready to discuss your campaign and assist you every step of the way

You can also request a quote or book a free consultation with us..

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