Allianz Media Limited

+234-808 717 1717

8AM – 9PM

Who we are

Allianz Media Limited is a leading Outdoor Advertising (Out-Home-Display) company with Headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria and Regional Operations offices in Owerri, Abuja as well as Correspondence offices in Joharnesburg, Conakry and Accra.

The company is driven by a strong passion and vision to engender products/services acceptances by consumers through the provision of outstanding environmental friendly Out-of-Home communications. Hence, we appeal to special, niche clientele who crave for quality, premium service delivery at appropriate rates.

We Design, Produce/Fabricate and Maintain/Manage Display products which include:

  • Conventional 48-sheet
  • 96-sheet, Unipole/Multi-leg Spectacular Billboards
  • Scroller Billboards
  • Ultra-Wave Billboards
  • LED Boards
  • Eye-Catchers
  • Bridge Panels
  • Rooftops
  • Wall Drapes
  • Various Street Signs
  • Lamp Posts

Incorporated in 2005, Allianz Media is promoted and managed by respected, highly experienced professionals who have distinguished and discharged themselves creditably in the field of Out-of-Home Advertising.

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